The “Silver Lining” Of It All

Before Pat can even enter the stadium, he got involved in a fight with some racist fans harassing Indian fans including his friend and therapist, Dr. Patel. The police hauled him away and the Eagles lose the game making his father furious. Tiffany convinced his father saying that the Eagles seem to do well when she and Pat are together. Pat Sr. negotiates with his gambling friends that if the Philadelphia team wins the next game AND Pat and Tiffany scored 5 out of 10 in the dancing competition he will receive twice the money he lost in the initial bet.

Pat was hesitant about the dance competition. So, Pat Sr., Dolores, and Tiffany conspired to persuade him to dance in the competition by promising him that Nikki will be there to watch him.

The dance competition was held the same time of the football game. Tiffany, Pat and all their family and friends were there including Nikki who was actually invited by Veronica and Ronnie. Tiffany and Pat began their dance routine while the Philadelphia Eagles defeat the Dallas Cowboys. Tiffany and Pat scored exactly 5 points. Amidst the cheering of the crowd, Tiffany saw Pat moving closer to Nikki and speaks into her ear. Tiffany runs off and Pat leaves Nikki to chase after her.

There, Pat hands Tiffany a letter saying that he knows the truth about Tiffany forging Nikki’s letter. In a moment, Pat revealed his true feelings and said that he loved Tiffany from the moment he saw her although it took him a long time to be in terms of it. They kissed (of, course).

In the closing scenes, Pat Sr. opens his own restaurant and Danny became even closer to Pat’s family. Tiffany and Pat started a relationship with no more wedding rings in their fingers.

Movie review by Scott LaPorta. Aside from being an avid theatergoer, Scott is a licensed personal trainer, biker, and entertainment writer. He lives in Alberta, Canada with his wife and three Dobermans.

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