Silver Linings Playbook: Critical Reception and Conclusions

The film premiered last September 8, 2012, at the 2012 Toronto International Film Festival and was released on November 16, 2012, in the United States. The movie opened with a major success with a box office hit of $236 million worldwide and earned several accolades. The film achieved 8 nominations for Academy Rewards including Best Adapted Screenplay, Best Director and Best Picture. It received 4 nominations for Golden Globe Awards with Jennifer Lawrence for Best Actress Award; 3 nominations for BAFTA or British Academy Film Rewards with Director Russell receiving the Best Adapted Screenplay; 4 nominations for Screen Actors Guild; and 5 nominations for Independent Spirit Award, winning in 4 categories including Best Film.

In some ways, the film Silver Linings Playbook is true to its name. It is a story to have some hidden benefits to it. In Tiffany and Pat, these two people where under pain and sufferings that need each other and in the end grow to love each other. Through their funny, awkward and sometimes romantic and sweet interactions, we see them heal and grow. Their friendship creates a strange way to helps smooth old conflicts and family wounds. And even with psychological illnesses, we learn to be happier and optimistic in life.

In fact, as Russell writes it and how Cooper acts it, it seems like Pat’s bipolar disorder is just another lovable and funny quirk of the film: He babbles away about nothing in particular and throws Hemingway’s book entitled “A Farewell to Arms” out of the window at 4 in the morning and waking his parents just to complain about the conclusion.

However, here’s the thing: Silver linings are always with the company of clouds.

On Tiffany and Pat: We all see them as individuals made for each other for better or for worse. The base of their relationship, on the other hand, is filled with mutual deception. Also, their lives before the other were full of pain and cheating as well as Pat’s rebounding emotions to Tiffany after his wife cheated on him.

On father and son: It is undeniable that Dad loves his son so much. However, it is rooted in the obsession with gambling and luck. Betting on his favorite football team, the Philadelphia Eagles, and the outcome of his son and Tiffany’s dance competition, he says bye bye to his gloomy financial status. These merely hide the fact that Pat Sr. has a serious gambling problem.

Adding to the already stormy horizon, the film’s sexual situations and thunderous language, as well as those lightning fast moments where Pat loses his cool, makes this film tentatively best and enjoyable and damaging at worst.

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